Carbon with yellow gold
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and yellow gold wedding rings
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Price for pair £1340

(Male £670 / Female £670)
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Carbon with yellow gold

Carbon is a popular name for the composite - fiber laminate or carbon fiber fabric with the highest quality epoxy resin. Such laminates are characterized by very high strength and lightness and in contact with the human body, they are completely antiallergic. Their advantages allow them to be used in many areas from motor sports (Formula F1), through the aerospace industry, medicine to popular sports equipment such as skis, bicycles, tennis rackets and golf clubs. The rings that we offer can be modified in any way - the rings can be made entirely of carbon (as in the photo), as well as carbon with metal strips on the edges (as in the female ring- but belts min. 1.2 mm in width). You can insert stones in carbon - but only round, directly or in a metal rim - as in wood. Unfortunately, you can't engrave fingerprints directly on carbon - unless inside - on an inserted metal ring - as in two colours. As for other forms of engraving, it is possible to engrave inscriptions inside, but small drawings do not go well. As for textures, two are possible - satin and polished. You can do all four profiles, i.e. flat on both sides, flat on the outside, and with the lens inside, inner and outer lenses, as well as flat on the inside and with the lens on the outside. There is a size limit. You can make sizes between 5 and 30 (carbon alone). If the inside will be metal - from size 2 - 30. The standard thickness of the carbon itself is 1.5mm. These wedding rings were made on special request for our customers. The female ring is decorated, the male ring has decorative frame and inside it is fitted with carbon. The price given on the website is approximate. It can be different for different sizes of rings. The price is for a pair of carbon rings. The price is constant and is increased by combining with other metals or adding stones.