Damascus steel wedding rings
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Damascus steel wedding rings
Female ring – rose gold-plated
Male ring – carbon
satin texture

Price for pair £1040

(Male £370 / Female £670)
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We have combined damast with carbon once again. Carbon is a popular name for a composite - fiber laminate or carbon fiber fabric with the highest quality epoxy resin. Such laminates are characterized by very high strength and lightness. They are completely antiallergic. Their advantages allow them to be used in many fields from motor sports (Formula1), through the aerospace industry, medicine to popular sports equipment such as skis, bicycles, tennis rackets and golf clubs. Here we combined carbon with Damascus steel. Damast rings come in three different layers: "waves"- successive layers in cross section are parallel to each other, "vertebrae" form concentric layers and "vortices" form irregularly. Inside the rings, we engrave any text in one of many typefaces, we can also engrave various drawings, handwriting, etc. If there is enough space, we engrave texts of any length. Remember, the longer the text, the smaller the letters will be. All our rings have a minimum thickness of 1.3mm. This thickness guarantees good strength of the rings and is comfortable to wear. The price is for a pair of carbon and damast rings. It is constant, the price increase is affected, e.g. by adding gold, palladium more prints or stones.