Palladium wedding rings  engraved with a dog's paw
collection: eve’s rib

Palladium wedding rings
engraved with a dog’s paw
Polished texture, large hammer

Price for pair £1430

(Male £760 / Female £670)
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The rings are made of 500-grade palladium, the texture is polished with a large hammer. The profile is flat on the outer part of the rings and the rounded inside. The cut line of the rings is gentle, separating the outer engraving of the dog's paw.

To make Eve's Rib, one ingot of yellow, white or rose gold, palladium or platinum is made, and the female ring is cut off from the male ring. Each time the cut line is established with the clients and can have very different shapes. It can be gentle, other times torn. The angle of rupture is also determined each time. When you put both rings together, the crack in the female ring connects with the crack in the male ring. We suggest a rectangular profile of the rings, they can be flat on the outside and slightly inwardly coiled. They can also be rounded on both sides. On request, we engrave any text up to 21 characters inside and if there is enough space, we engrave longer texts. There are many types of fonts to choose from. We can put various stones in our rings: in addition to white, also black and coloured diamonds, we also offer coloured stones - sapphires, rubies and emeralds. We can also source other stones. The size of the stones in the rings is adapted to the thickness of the rings, as correctly inserted they cannot protrude either outside or inside the ring. The price given on the website is approximate. It can be different for different sizes of rings. The price is for a pair of wedding rings made of 500 grade Palladium. Price based on – male ring size W1/2, band width 6mm, thickness 1.6mm and female ring size M, band width 5mm, thickness 1.6mm.