Modern, but in old technique
collection: fantasy

Palladium wedding rings inlaid with rose gold
Sapphire with a diameter of 1.5 mm
Satin texture

Price for pair £1530

(Male £810 / Female £720)
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Modern, but in old technique

This is a very beautiful example of a modern idea for a world map made in a very ancient technique. The incrustation is made of 14k rose gold. The texture is satin, and they are rectangular in cross-section. Palladium is a precious metal belonging to the platinum group. It has all the properties of other precious metals, e.g. gold. 500 grade palladium was used, silver and copper are the alloying additions. Specifically, in these rings - the recommended texture is satin, crazy or polished. The rings are flat on the outside and inside. The inside of the rings is always polished. The external engraving can be text, or you can make any pattern and fill it with pink gold. We engrave any texts - if there is enough space, we do not limit the texts to 21 characters. We have many typefaces, we can also engrave any drawings, handwritten letters, etc. We offer different stones - e.g. white, black and coloured diamonds, as well as precious coloured stones - sapphires, rubies and emeralds. The size of the stones in the rings is limited by their thickness - correctly mounted they cannot protrude either outside or inside the rings. The price given on the website is approximate and may be different for different sizes of rings. We offer 4 profiles of rings: A. rings with a rectangular cross-section, B. the profile of the ring has a lens inside and outside the ring, C. the ring is flat from the outside - inside it has a lens and D. outside lens and inside flat. Ring profiles do not affect the price. The price is for a pair of rings made of 500 palladium and 585 gold. Price based on – male ring size W1/2, band width 6mm, thickness 1.6mm and female ring size M, band width 5mm, thickness 1.6mm.