Cobalt rings
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Cobalt wedding rings
Satin texture

Price for pair £940

(Male £470 / Female £470)
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Cobalt rings

We introduce in our collection a new material from which we can create wedding rings - cobalt. It is an alloy of 65% cobalt with chromium and manganese, it is not steel, as in steel, the basic metal is iron. Cobalt is white - the brightest metal we have used so far, it looks like rhodium. It is very hard and to process and unfortunately not everything can be made of it. It is highly resistant to scratches. It can only be “scratched” by cemented carbides and abrasive materials. Possible textures: polished, satin, mixed brushed and brushed. It is impossible to make a crazy or hammered texture. Cobalt is resistant to chemicals, does not corrode and does not oxidize. It is anti-allergic (although some single extreme cases may happen). It cannot be engraved manually - so all floral motifs or other graphics are only possible with a laser, just like fingerprints - they can only be engraved with a laser. Stones can be inserted, but only round and individual, in a round-shaped binding. The minimum diameter is 1.5mm - smaller ones are not possible, they cannot be bound in a row, across or around and they cannot be placed in corns. We do not frame square and triangular stones in cobalt. Cobalt is not possible to be used in the following collections: Eve's rib and Trace. It is not possible to solder cobalt. It can be nicely coloured to the cobalt colour, but because it is an oxide layer, it rubs off, but with some difficulty. We can always colour in the grooves. The wedding rings can be enlarged and reduced by 1-2 sizes. The price of a pair of wedding rings is fixed and not dependent of the size. We can decorate cobalt wedding rings with gold and tantalum stripes like in model C43. We can make cobalt wedding rings in the "two-tone". We can also make engagement rings, but only like the following models - P3 and P4, as well as P11. We do not make other cobalt rings. Due to the rapidly rising price of palladium - cobalt can be a much cheaper alternative. The price is for a pair of rings made of cobalt. It is constant, the price increase is affected, e.g. by adding more prints or stones.