Titanium and titanium
collection: two tone

Titanium wedding rings
Diamond with a diameter of 2.0mm
Crazy texture

Price for pair £855

(Male £410 / Female £445)
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Titanium and titanium

The wedding rings from this collection create a lot of possibilities. Layers can be combined in different ways. Here, our customers decided to arrange them asymmetrically and chose titanium in two textures. These wedding rings are very light, the female one also has a beautiful 2.0 mm diamond. The rings from the "two tone" collection consist of two layers of metal, they can be the same or they can be different. There is gold in three colours - white, yellow and rose, as well as titanium, palladium, tantalum, carbon and platinum. Due to technological reasons, one layer cannot be thinner than 0.8mm, which means that the minimum thickness of the rings in this collection is 1.6mm. Both layers are usually not soldered but assembled mechanically by matching the diameters of both layers. Both layers can be the same width, the bottom layer can be wider than the top, in which case it sticks out. There are two possibilities -they can protrude symmetrically on both sides of the ring or asymmetrically - only on one side. By choosing the width of both layers you can decide how many millimeters one edge will stick out from the other. The price is for a pair of rings made of titanium. It is constant, the price increase is affected, e.g. by adding more prints or stones.