Yellow gold and titanium wedding rings
collection: two tone

Titanium and yellow gold wedding rings
Crazy texture

Price for pair £945

(Male £490 / Female £455)
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Yellow gold and titanium wedding rings

Wedding rings from this collection offer a lot of possibilities. Here, customers decided to arrange them symmetrically with respect to each other. Engraved on the outside is the original inscription from The Lord of the Rings. Rings from the "two tone" collection consist of two layers of metals, they can be the same or they can be different. Gold is available in three colours - white, yellow and rose as well as titanium, palladium and platinum. For technological reasons one layer cannot be thinner than 0.8mm, which means that the minimum thickness of rings from this collection is 1.6mm. Both layers usually are soldered together but mechanically assembled by matching the diameters of both layers. Fingerprints are engraved by hand. The fingerprints are durable, and no dirt accumulates in them. The size of their surface is agreed with customers, and in most cases, clients make them themselves directly on prepared rings with special ink. The price given on the website is approximate, it can be different for different sizes of rings. Price based on – male ring size W1/2, band width 6mm, thickness 1.6mm and female ring size M, band width 5mm, thickness 1.6mm.