Gold and palladium ring with raw diamond
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Palladium ring with a raw diamond in a gold setting

Raw diamonds are unique, so you can’t order a ring with the same stone as in the picture. The only choice is the shade – lighter or darker

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Gold and palladium ring with raw diamond

The colour of the raw diamond is different shades of gray. It is inserted in a yellow 585 (14k) gold bezel and the ring rail is made of hammered palladium. The ring is made of palladium, a precious metal belonging to the platinum group. It has all the properties of other precious metals, e.g. gold. The 500-grade palladium used has silver and copper alloying additives. The rail has a diameter of about 3mm and is slightly flattened inside. The rings can be finished with various textures: polished, satin or crazy. Price can differ depending on stone type.