Moissanite - a new diamond?
collection: engagement rings

White gold ring
with moissanite with a diameter of 6.45mm (0.81 ct)
Polished texture

Price £800

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Moissanite - a new diamond?

Moissanites are synthetics but very similar to diamonds, even for professionals, they are quite difficult to distinguish. It is a tad softer than a diamond (9.5 on the Mosh's scale) but the refractive index and higher dispersion differ significantly. Natural moissanite was discovered at the end of the 19th century by the French Nobel Prize winner dr. H. Moissana. For the next century, it was not considered as a raw material for jewellery, mainly due to the low content of this mineral in nature. The introduction of modern technology for obtaining pure, crystalline SiC (moissanite) paved the way for this material to the jewellery industry. Natural moissanite is a very rare mineral, and all production available on the market is based on synthetic moissanite. All the stones have certificates - descriptions. The ring can be made in any style. Of course, we can engrave any texts and graphics inside. Price for a 585 gold ring. Price can differ depending on stone type.