Carbon and titanium - a super light combination
collection: carbon

and titanium rings
satin texture

Price for pair £ 860

(Male £430/ Female £430)
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Carbon and titanium - a super light combination

The rings from this collection can come in many combinations - the layers can be arranged evenly, they can be asymmetrically, i.e. on one side you can see the protruding internal metal, as well as symmetrically, i.e. on both sides. Each metal may have a different texture - so there are many options. Unfortunately, not all combinations of textures are possible for technological reasons. It is impossible to make a mixed brush texture on the inner layer, there are no restrictions on the outer layer. Here, titanium was used, which harmonizes beautifully with carbon. The price is for a pair of carbon rings. The price is constant and is increased by combining with other metals or adding stones.