Palladium wedding rings
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Palladium wedding rings
10 diamonds with a diameter of 1.5mm
Polished texture

Price for pair £1630

(Male £760 / Female £870)
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Classic but sparkly

Many times, ladies want a lot of diamonds - and this seriously increases the price. You can stay with diamonds, effectively reducing the price of the material used. In this case, palladium was used – a silvery metal, naturally cool in colour, similar to white gold, but definitely cheaper. Palladium beautifully harmonizes with the brilliance of sparklers. Such classic wedding rings without diamonds would be much cheaper. You can change the texture freely, everything can be engraved inside your rings - from inscriptions to graphics, handwriting, fingerprints and whatever other ideas you might have. If there is enough space, we engrave texts of any length. Remember, the longer the text, the smaller the letters will be. The price given on the website is approximate and it can be different for different sizes of wedding rings. Price based on – male ring size W1/2, band width 6mm, thickness 1.6mm and female ring size M, band width 5mm, thickness 1.6mm.