Titanium wedding rings
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Titanium wedding rings
Mixed brush texture

Price for pair £820

(Male £410 / Female £410)
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Originally connected.

These seemingly simple wedding rings have one charming detail that connects them - the initials of the couple were engraved so that after joining, they can be clearly seen. Thanks to this idea, an interesting pattern of lines is created on the surface of the ring. These rings can be finished with other textures: polished, crazy and satin. The motive can be many other inscriptions or signs, e.g. a star, moon, letter, dog's paw, etc. We engrave any texts with the selected typeface, we can also make various drawings, handwriting, prints, etc. If there is enough space, we engrave longer texts. We can make wedding rings with a different profile; with a cross-section of a circle or square. The profile of the rings does not affect the price. We can put various stones in our rings: in addition to white, also black and coloured diamonds, we also offer coloured stones - sapphires, rubies and emeralds. We can also source other stones. The size of the stones in the rings is adapted to the thickness of the rings, as correctly inserted they cannot protrude either outside or inside the ring. The price is for a pair of rings made of titanium. The price is for a pair of rings made of titanium. The price is for a pair of rings made of titanium. It is constant, the price increase is affected, e.g. by adding more prints or stones.