Mokume gane rings - palladium and silver
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Mokume gane rings
palladium and silver
Satin texture

Price for pair £2400

(Male £1200 / Female £1200)
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Mokume gane rings - palladium and silver

We engrave any text in one of many typefaces, we can also engrave various drawings, handwriting, etc. If there is enough space, we engrave texts of any length. Remember, the longer the text, the smaller the letters will be. All our rings have a minimum thickness of 1.3 millimeters. This thickness guarantees good strength of the rings and is comfortable to wear. Mokume gane is an old Japanese technique of joining metals. The metals or their alloys are connected by diffusion - by welding and not by soldering, the layers pass through the entire material, they are not surfaced. A characteristic feature of mokume is the uniqueness of the layers so that the resulting rings are never identical, keep this in mind when deciding on rings from this collection. Palladium is a precious metal belonging to the platinum group. It has all the properties of other precious metals, e.g. gold. The 500-grade palladium used has silver and copper alloying additives. We offer white, black and colourful diamonds, as well as precious coloured stones - sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Customers can also order other stones. The size of the stones in the rings is limited to their thickness, correctly placed they cannot protrude either outside or inside the ring. The price is for a pair of rings made of mokume gane. It is constant, the price increase is affected, e.g. by adding more prints or stones.