Mokume gane rings - palladium and rose gold
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Mokume gane rings
palladium and rose gold
Satin texture

Price for pair £2760

(Male £1380 / Female £1380)
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Mokume gane rings - palladium and rose gold

Mokume gane are unique wedding rings, either you will love it, or you will not like it at all. The way they are made comes from Japan. The name comes from moku (wood), me (eye), gane (metal) and corresponds to patterns similar to wood grains, which are obtained by this technique. This method guarantees that there are no two identical pairs in the world. They are therefore very original and unique. Such wedding rings can also be additionally decorated with e.g. stones. We offer white, black and colourful diamonds, as well as precious coloured stones - sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Customers can also order other stones. The size of the stones in the rings is limited to their thickness, correctly placed they cannot protrude either outside or inside the ring. The price is for a pair of rings made of mokume gane. It is constant, the price increase is affected, e.g. by adding more prints or stones.