Wedding rings with a mountain panorama
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Palladium wedding rings
Crazy texture

Price for pair £1430

(Male £760 / Female £670)
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Wedding rings with a mountain panorama

Palladium wedding rings have a cool colour and durability similar to gold. Here, our customers personalized them by placing a panorama of the mountains. Any inscriptions or drawings can be engraved on wedding rings from the outside and inside. Depending on the needs, they can be engraved by computer-controlled mechanical or laser engraving. We make wedding rings with a minimum thickness of 1.3mm. This thickness guarantees resistance to deformation and is comfortable to wear. This is a guarantee that our clients' wedding rings will not deform and will be comfortable to use. This model of rings can be made in one of 4 profiles: A. rings with a rectangular cross-section, B. the profile of the ring has a lens inside and outside the ring, C. the ring is flat from the outside - inside it has a lens and D. outside lens and inside flat. Ring profiles do not affect the price. Price based on – male ring size W1/2, band width 6mm, thickness 1.6mm and female ring size M, band width 5mm, thickness 1.6mm.