Order online

Sales manager:
Monika Radochonska
+44 7474719719
Distinctive Rings offers online ordering. You can place your order online by following the below steps:
Contact us via phone or email if you are interested in a specific model from the website.
Let us know which specific model you are interested in, e.g. Fantasy C72. You can also combine rings from different sets.
Please provide the exact size of the rings, e.g. size V - width 7mm, thickness 1.8mm and size L - width 4mm, thickness 1.5mm.
If you have any problems with determining the size, we will send you an easy to use ring sizer in the post.
On this basis, we calculate the cost of selected wedding rings or engagement ring (please let us know the exact sizes). The final price quoted includes curvatures of the rings, textures, as well as external and internal engravings.
After accepting the prices, we will prepare the on-line order form and send it to your e-mail.
After paying a 30% deposit for the selected wedding rings, we start the handmade production of your order.
Order cancellations – As all of our rings are handmade, you have 14 days to cancel the contract from the moment you place your order with us, and we will refund the deposit. Please note that after 14 days you will be unable to cancel the contract due to the bespoke nature of the work. If you wish to cancel after 14 days, we will not be able to refund your deposit. This does not affect your statutory legal rights.
The production process is 6-8 weeks. We will send you photos of the ready wedding rings via email. All rings contain a stone certificate and information about the materials used.
After obtaining your acceptance and the remaining payment, we will ship your order via an insured courier service.
We guarantee one ring service free of charge, used even after a few years covering a size adjustment as well as a texture refresh. We will look after your rings if it is necessary up until our company will exist.